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Yueqing Borui Electric Co., Ltd. (formerly the Annai to mould processing factory) is located in the Chinese appliances are - Liushi. Is a professional R & D, production of nylon, sales in the integration of tie die, plastic mold, mold, nail clips expansion pipe mould, car tape, hot runner mold manufacturing center, the company after years of development, has skilled control of nylon tape products cold runner and hot runner technology, can according to the customer the existing equipment and customer requirements for product quality to provide different types of mold products.

Company to technological innovation as the fundamental, to serve the system of excellent quality, affordable price, perfect after sale, local Yueqing tie factory and Guangdong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu tied with plant wide. The company has several high precision wire cutting, electric pulse, milling machine grinder and the special process, Japan imported wire walking equipment for hot runner mold processing, and the company has the perfect technical team, not only to ensure the provision of high quality nylon Zhadai mould, accurate delivery to customers, but also can provide Party A Eucalyptus many production for the customer. Customers only need to provide a nylon Zhadai samples or drawings and other basic information, the company can provide customers tailored products design side of Eucalyptus, mold products and mold and other integrated services.

Welcome to the industry and the strategic cooperation with the future together, we will strive to make every customer to provide quality products and excellent service, think what you think, you are worried, mutual benefit and win-win marketing idea, to help your career continued into the wave of economic globalization, to create a better future.

Has been rated as "star enterprise" over the years
The company has a complete technical team, tailor-made design solutions, mold products and trial models for customers.
It has several high-precision wire cutting, electric pulse, process milling machines, grinding machines and Japanese imported slow wire cutting equipment specially designed for hot runner mold processing.
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