In order to ensure the quality of the products, we have passed ISO9001 quality management system, and continue to improve the quality management system. The product quality and customer service, we solemnly to the society and the commitment to the user:
1, the strict implementation of relevant national standards and products (special requirements or meet user)product qualified rate of more than 100%.

2, our company service tenet: customer first, quality, quality service.

The company has set up user profiles and user information feedback system, sales are tracking links to the user and the marketing network throughout, quality consulting, user comments and quality problems will be 100% for the timely processing and reply. When necessary will send a person to the scene to solve, until the usersatisfaction.
3, to ensure that the user needs, the company will according to the requirements of the contract, to ensure product quality, timely delivery, according to. Without the consent of the user agrees to be as the companydefault handling overdue delivery.

Has been rated as "star enterprise" over the years
The company has a complete technical team, tailor-made design solutions, mold products and trial models for customers.
It has several high-precision wire cutting, electric pulse, process milling machines, grinding machines and Japanese imported slow wire cutting equipment specially designed for hot runner mold processing.
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